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Is your American clock in need of a little assistance? At Clock Services Bangor we offer specialist American clock restoration and repair, taking care to restore your timepiece in style.

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As well as providing repair and restoration for American clocks, we also specialise in taking care of clocks from this side of the pond, including Vienna clocks.


If you’re looking for a professional to provide careful clock repair and restoration, get in touch with us today. We serve Bangor, County Down and Northern Ireland.

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Cheap and cheerful have many times described the hundreds and thousands of American clocks imported into the British isles. The prices were less than half of the English clocks being produced. It filled a need of the now more prosperous working people.


It could be said every other house had an American clock of some sort. The most popular of  appears to be the (Ginger bread) clock. A mantle clock about 15 inches high running for eight days with an enclosed (skeletonised) movement. The plates holding the (works) were of thin hard brass.  The main factor was they were cheap, reliable and instructions on a paper label pasted inside or on the back of every clock made them easy to set. Can you remember putting an old penny on one side of a clock to make it go?


Many, many different types of a mantle clocks were introduced. The cheapest probably is the 30 hour steeple clock, then the eight day steeple clock to the fish box type with two cast iron weights, eight day or 30 hour, the most accurate of all the Americans. One of the most lasting is the famous inlaid eight day wall clock, circular face with a drop dial and a glass panel showing the pendulum. Some survive in remarkable condition, others not so good usually with a broken hinge on the bezel or pendulum rod broken and other damage.


Although American clocks weren't meant to go more than 40 years most still have some hope of revival.


Clock services still welcome these clocks and keep prices in line with the door value of these types of clocks.


Please remove the pendulum of any clock if possible before moving.