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Irelands leading Barometer restorers

  • Mercury barometers

  • Tubes cleaned, refilled

  • Missing parts replaced

  • Case cleaning and polishing

Victorian and later Barometers

  • All dials  re silvered and painted numerals

  • High grade silvering only used

  • Case restoration

  • Polishing

A barometer is an instrument that measures air pressure, allowing weather forecasters and scientists to better predict extreme weather events. The mercury barometer's design gives rise to the expression of atmospheric pressure in inches: the pressure is quoted as the level of the mercury's height in the vertical column. 1 atmosphere is equivalent to about 29.9 inches of mercury. The use of this unit is still popular in the United States, although it has been disused in favor of SI or metric units in other parts of the world. Barometers of this type can usually measure atmospheric pressures in the range between 28 and 31 inches of mercury.


A barometer is commonly used for weather prediction, as high air pressure in a region indicates fair weather while low pressure indicates that storms are more likely. Localized high atmospheric pressure acts as a barrier to approaching weather systems, diverting their course. Low atmospheric pressure, on the other hand, represents the path of least resistance for a weather system, making it more likely that low pressure will be associated with increased storm activity.


Clock Services, Irelands leading restorer hope to repair any barometer from filling mercury tubes, restoring dials, new glasses and full restoration of the woodwork.

Free estimates and usually a quick turnaround.

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