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Professional care for Vienna clocks

Does your Vienna clock require a touch up or heavy restoration? Clock Services Bangor can help. Our Vienna clock restoration service will leave your clock looking like new.

•   Wall clock repair & restoration

•   Woodwork repair & restoration

•   Clock case repair

•   Clock face restoration

•   Dial repair

•   Pendulum repair

•   Woodwork & case polishing

Our Vienna clock service includes:

In addition to repairing Vienna clocks, we also provide repairs and restoration for other antique wall clocks, grandfather clocks, pocket watches and more.


Our services also extend to furniture restoration and re-silvering. Based in Bangor, we offer all of our services to customers throughout Northern Ireland.

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Said by some to be the most elegant of all wall clocks the entire class of clocks known as the Vienna regulator was produced in a bout 100 years. The first were made in the empire period 18-1840 In the city of Vienna Austria.


The early models were of top quality with delically thin cases, Rosewood, walnut , maple or mahogany with glass side panels and a glass door. The dials were flat porcelain or milk glass. The hands were thin slender, blued steel. The pendulum rod was steel with brass pendulum bob and polished brass weights. Clocks of this period are rare and tend to be pricey. By 1860 Vienna clocks wee becoming more popular and affordable. Cases became more decorative, two piece dials had become commonplace, pendulum rods were now wooden and the thin brass rim around the dial. Vienna clocks at this time were still weight driven. By 1890 many different versions of the Vienna clock emerged, spring driven movements were introduced.


We have sold many hundreds of Vienna regulate clocks, and well used to repairing installing and setting these clocks in many situations.


Never move a Vienna regulator clock with the weights and pendulum in place.


All spring driven Vienna clocks can be brought to our premises. If you are in doubt about your weighted Vienna, our advisor may call to your home.